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Cardinal 201 Din Rail Mount Digital Weight Indicator. Compact, fast and accurate. USB and Ethernet Interfaces. RGB LED backlight. PLC Connectivity. IP-20. NTEP, UL and CE approved.

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Cardinal Scaleís model 201 weight transmitter is a fast, accurate instrument for process control-based static and dynamic weighing applications. The 201 is capable of powering up to eight 350-ohm load cells and comes with a 35-mm DIN rail mounting bracket. The USA- made 201 transmitter features a 0.5-inch-high, six-digit, transflective LCD display with up to seven different colors and is viewable in all lighting levels from direct light to total darkness. A variety of mounting options and ColorZONE control options make it ideal for quick visual verification of weight status.

The model 201 offers sample rates of up to 200 samples per second and standard communication protocols include serial interface RS232/ RS485, mini-USB-B, Analog (0-10V or 4-20mA), Ethernet TCP/IP, EIP, and Modbus TCP, making it easy to connect to a PC, PLC, and other smart devices. Four programmable digital inputs and outputs are included to make it even more flexible. Connectivity set-up is simple using the printed legend on the front of the 201 enclosure. Setup and calibration of the model 201 is fast and easy using both the on-screen indicator menu prompts or Web browser interface via IP address.

The 201's 4-in W x 4.2-in H x 1.9-in D compact size uses very little panel space, and the enclosure can be DIN rail mounted with the display either internal or remotely mounted on the face of the cabinet making it easy to implement into new and existing systems. The 201 is both NTEP and Measurement Canada certified for legal-for-trade applications and is UL listed and CE certified.

  • Push-button tare function
  • Gross, Tare, Net conversion
  • High-resolution mode
  • Gross and Net Accumulators
  • SMA level 2 compliant serial communications (more information at
  • Remote display (requires optional cable and connectors)
  • Field re-programmable via PC connection
  • Over and Under checkweigher function with outputs (screen changes color based on weight condition)
  • 7 selectable display screen colors: amber, green, red, blue, white, purple, and pink
  • Selectable Function key definition
  • English and Spanish language set-up menus

Power Requirements:12-24 VDC @ 6w
Listed AccessoryThe weight transmitter is intended to be used with Listed Information Technology Equipment
Enclosure RatingIP-20 DIN Rail 35 mm, mounted in customerís enclosure with optional remote display mounting
Enclosure Size:Stainless steel wall or desk-mount
Enclosure Size:4 inch W x 4.2 inch H x 1.9 inch D without connectors (101.6 mm W x 106.7 mm H x 48.3 mm D)
Operating Temperature:14 to 104 Fahrenheit (-10 to 40 Celsius)
Display Capacity:Six-digit, 7-segment, 0.5-inch/12.7-mm high with separate annunciators; OVER, UNDER, and ACCEPT backlight indicators, annunciators: IN1, IN2, IN3, IN4, OUT1, OUT2, OUT3, OUT4
Display TechnologyTransflective LCD with RGB LED backlight
Load Cell Excitation11.72VDC
Signal lnput Range.5mV min to 35mV max.
Load Cell Connection4 or 6 wire (remote excitation sensing)
Minimum Cell Resistance43.75 OHMS (8, 350-ohm load cells)
Division ValueCommercial: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 x 10, 1, .1, .01, .001
Non-Commercial: 0 - 99
Sensitivity.5uV/scale division
Resolution10,000 Divisions
Sample Rate1 - 200 samples per second, selectable
Zero Range+/- 2% to 100% Full Scale, selectable
Units of MeasurePounds, Ounces, Kilograms, Grams
KeysSix, Membrane Type: ZERO, TARE, NET/GROSS, F1, F2, F3
ApprovalsClass III NTEP, Class III Measurement Canada, UL, CE
RS232 SerialThe 201 can be configured for continuous or on-demand weight requests. Commands may be sent for all weight functions such as ZERO, TARE, etc.
RS485 SerialThe 201 can be configured for continuous or on-demand weight requests. Commands may be sent for all weight functions such as ZERO, TARE, etc.
Digital OutputsThe 201 has four digital outputs that can be configured for checkweighing UNDER, ACCEPT, and OVER status.
Digital InputsThe 201 has four digital inputs that can be configured to perform functions such as ZERO, TARE, GROSS/NET, UNITS, or PRINT. A PLC could be connected to these inputs to trigger these functions.
Analog OutputThe 201 has capabilities for 0-10VDC and 4-20mA that can be configured to track the gross or net weight values.
Modbus TCPThe 201 supports Modbus/TCP to allow a PLC to receive weight and status information. The PLC may send commands such as ZERO and TARE to the 201 using Modbus/TCP.
Ethernet Raw SocketThe 201 can be configured as a TCP/IP server to accept socket connections. The TCP/IP server port may be selected during set up.
USB DeviceThe 201 has a USB-B mini device connection, so it can be connected to a PC and, with the appropriate driver, will appear as a virtual COM.
Web Page Configuration and DiagnosticsThe 201 includes a Web server that displays the current weight, digital and analog I/O states. The Web server allows remote configuration of various settings. The Web page also includes diagnostics of network connections that is useful for installation and troubleshooting of Modbus/TCP or Ethernet/IP.
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