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Cardinal TB Specialty Shear Beam Load Cell for Medium to Heavy Weighing. 1000 to 4000 lb capacities available. Waterproof. Stainless steel construction. IP67. NTEP and OIML approvals.



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  • Capacities of 450 kg, 1100 kg, and 1800 kg
  • Waterproof construction
  • Stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Direct mounting to weighing platform
  • 3 m integral shielded cable

Cardinalís TB series, medium capacity beam load cells, are manufactured for medium to heavy weighing operations such as bench or floor scales. Stainless steel construction offers strength, and the ultimate in protection when caustic or corrosive environments are encountered. Heavy capacity single point cells are available in 450 kg to 1800 kg capacities. The unique design of these beam load cells offers cost-saving advantages for many weighing applications.

These cells are potted with a proprietary sealant that offers superior waterproofing, while remaining flexible over the life of the load cell. This special compound protects the load cell strain gages, and over a broad temperature range has no effect on load cell precision accuracy.

All load cells have threaded mounting holes, and a 3 m integral multiconductor cable secured by a strain relief seal.

Mechanical Data
Rated Capacity, (R.C.)E mx.450, 1100, & 1800 kg
Minimum Dead Load0 kg
Safe Load Limit150% R.C.
Ultimate Load300% R.C.
Deflection at R.C.0.33 to 0.64 mm
Spring Element Material17-4 PH
Net Weight0.82 kg
Certificate Data
Issuing BodyOIML
Certificate NumberR60/1991-DK-97.03
Accuracy ClassC3
Maximum Number of Load Cell Intervals, (n max )3000
Humidity SymbolCH
Minimum Load Cell Verification Interval (V min )0.08, 0.19, 0,32 kg
Electrical Data
Rated Output2mV/V
Excitation Voltage, Recommended10 VDC
Excitation Voltage, Maximum15 VDC
Cable Length3m
Terminal Resistance Excitation400 +/-7 ohms
Terminal Resistance Signal350 +/- 5 ohms
Zero Load Output+/- 1% R.C.
Insulation Resistance>5000 meg megohms at 50 VDC
Environmental Data
Temperature Compensation Range-10 ̊ to +40 ̊C
Operating Temperature Range-29 ̊ to +93 ̊C
Construction & Protection CodeCP-56 HU, IP67
Barometric Pressure Effect on Zero Load Output<1 v (min)/1kPa
Color Code+ Excitation: Red
- Excitation: Black
- Signal: White
+ Signal: Green
Export Info
Harmonized Tariff Code (HTC)8423900080

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Cardinal 185 Rival Weight Indicator Remote Display. ABS Enclosure with Stainless steel mounting bracket. Bright green backlit 1-inch/25-mm high LCD Display. Lb, Oz, Kg, and Gr weighing units, Ability to drive up to 4 x350 Ohm load cells. Bi-directional RS232 port. IP66. Meets NTEP and OIML requirements. Available with rechargeable battery power. *** Replaces 180 ***




Cardinal Storm 205 Digital Weight Indicator. Local/Remote Standard. Stainless Steel Washdown Enclosure. Four Serial Ports and USB interface. LED Display. Ability to drive up to 8 x350 Ohm load cells. NTEP and OIML approved. Includes 4 serial RS-232 I/O ports configured as: 1 x 20mA output-only ports, 1 x bi-directional 20mA port, 1 x USB port. Optional Analog output, PLC interface (Remote I/O, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP), 10/100 Mbps Ethernet TCP/IP adapter.




Cardinal 201 Din Rail Mount Digital Weight Indicator, Filling and Batching Controller with Web User Interface. Compact, fast and accurate. Includes serial interface RS232/ RS485, mini-USB-B, Analog (0-10V or 4-20mA), Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, and Modbus TCP. RGB LED backlight. PLC Connectivity. Ability to drive up to 8 x350 Ohm load cells. IP-20. NTEP, UL and CE approved.




Cardinal Navigator 225 Digital Weight Indicator, Filling and Batching controller. Rugged IP66 Stainless steel enclosure. Backlit Graphics LCD Display. Querty Keyboard. USB Interface. Ability to drive up to 14 x350 Ohm load cells. Multi-Point Calibration and High-Resolution Mode. NTEP and OIML approved. Optional Analog output, PLC interface (Remote I/O, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP), 10/100 Mbps Ethernet TCP/IP adapter.


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Cardinal LFB Shear Beam Light to Medium Load Cell. 250 to 2750 lb capacities available. Low profile design. Stainless steel construction. VCAP Certified. OIML approval.




Cardinal SB Shear Beam Medium to Heavy Load Cell. 2500 to 20000 lb capacities available. Environmentally-sealed. Stainless steel construction. IP68. VCAP Certified. NTEP and OIML approvals.


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