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Intec NTF Capillary Thermostat with 20ft, 10ft o 6 ft sensing element. Electromechanical, Low-Temperature and Limit/Cut-Out. Single-stage switch, 1 SPDT or 2 SPDT contacts. Wide range. NEMA1. IP40. Ce Listed.

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Electro-mechanical, low-temperature limit/cut-out thermostat with a 20 ft, 10 ft or 6 ft capillary sensing element, auto- or manual reset, and 1-SPDT or 2-SPDT switched output.


The thermostat and its capillary sensing element provide an antifreeze function. It detects temperature drops below a fixed safety value (setpoint), i.e. heaters in A/C units, exchangers in cooling systems, etc.

  • Vapor-filled 20 ft, 10 ft or 6 ft copper capillary sensing element
  • Joint spring protector at capillary-bellow connection
  • Airtight single-stage switch, 1-SPDT or 2-SPDT contacts, 250 VAC, 15A
  • Auto- or manual reset
  • Wide range, 14 to 54F, fits water w/glycol added applications
  • Setpoint safety-lock protection and simple adjustment
  • Visual setpoint scale
  • Easy installation and wiring
  • Maintenance-free
  • Two-year warranty

Thermostat TypeSelf-contained, electromechanical
ElementVapor-filled capillary
MediaTemperature in air
Operating range14F to 54F (-10C to 12C)
ResponseTo lowest temperature sensed by any 1 ft section of the capillary element
Type of Control
GeneralOn/off, low-level single-stage or cut-out control, w/ (1) microswitch output
Low-level setpoint (factory set)At 39F (4C), and safety-lock secured
Low-level setpoint (adjustment)Over full operating range, via screwdriver slot
Low-level setpoint (visual scale)14F to 54F
Switch output1-SPDT or 2-SPDT, airtight
Contact rating24...250 VAC, 15 (8)A
Switching differential1.8F (1K), auto- or manual reset
Working temperature14F to 54F (-10C to 12C)
Enclosure temperature14F to 131F (-10C to 55C)
Capillary overload temperature392F (200C), max. 60 min.
Storage temperature14F to 158F (-10C to 70C)
Humidity0 to 95% rH (rF), non-condensing
Enclosure base materialSteel, galvanized
Enclosure cover materialABS, fire retardant
Enclosure colorSilver / light gray
Enclosure protectionNEMA 1 (IP40)
Capillary materialCopper
Installation EnclosureSurface mounted
Installation capillaryDuct and across coil mounted
Dimensions (H x W x D) Enclosure: 3.3 x 4.1 x 2.1 in. (83 x 105 x 53 mm)
Capillary sensing element: ∅ 0.08 in. (2 mm), various lengths: 20 ft (6 m), 10 ft (3 m), or 6 ft (1.8 m)
Cable entry(1) M20 compression fitting, removable, hole fits 1/2 in. conduit connector
Wire connectionTerminal with wire-retaining screws
Wire sizeMax. 14 AWG (2.5 mm2)
Weight1.6 lbs. (0.7 kg)
ManufacturingISO 9001 certified
WarrantyTwo-year material and workmanship

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