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KOBOLD NEK Compact Conductive Level Switch. Excels in Dirty, Low Viscosity, or Aggressive Media. Compact Design. Transistor Switch or Relay Outputs. PPS or Polypropylene Bodies. 316-Ti SS Electrodes. 290 PSIG max pressure. NEMA 6. IP68.

Part# with Options:        NEK-1136N20C
Price with Options:        147.58


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  • Compact Design
  • No Moving Parts
  • Excels in Dirty, Low Viscosity, or Aggressive Media
  • Transistor Switch or Relay Outputs
  • PPS or Polypropylene Bodies
  • 316-Ti SS Electrodes
  • Max. Pressure: 290 PSIG
  • Media Temperature Range: -10...185 F

The KOBOLD NEK compact conductive level switch is an excellent choice for small tank level monitoring. It senses level by applying a low AC voltage to a pair of 316-Ti stainless steel electrodes. In a suffi ciently conductive liquid, a small current will fl ow between the electrodes, resulting in switch activation. The NEK is available with either PPS or polypropylene bodies. The design has no moving parts so it excels in dirty liquids with a high solids content. The SS electrodes also enable it to handle many compatible chemicals and aggressive media in use today.

Technical Details
Wetted Materials:
Housing:PPS or Polypropylene
Electrodes:316-Ti Stainless Steel
Maximum Pressure:
PPS Body:290 PSIG
Polypropylene Body:87 PSIG
Temperature Range:
PPS Body:-10...185 F
Polypropylene Body:-10...140 F
Min. Media Conductivity:100 μS/cm
Switching Delay:0.5 seconds
Power Requirements:18-29 V DC
Switch Characteristics:
Open Collector:Normally open (dry), PNP or NPN depending on model, 32 V DC /100 mA max. Short-circuit protected
SPDT Relay:1 Amp max. @ 30 V DC max.
Electrical Protection:NEMA 6 / IP68

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