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INTEC   984Q-443704

INTEC 984Q-443704
Intec 948Q Differential Pressure Transmitter for non-aggressive gases. Eight Field Selectable Ranges. 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA output. 22 to 30 VAC/VDC. 1/2" NPT conduit connection and 1/4" hose connections. Includes duct probes and 6' tubing. ABS Case. Optional 4-digit LED display. NEMA 3. IP54. *** Phased Out ***

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Compact, temperature-compensated pressure transmitters used for mea- suring differential pressure, positive pressure and vacuum of non-aggressive gases in commercial monitoring and control applications including:

  • Building automation and air conditioning systems
  • Overpressure measurement in clean rooms and laboratories
  • Measurement of constant pressure in VAV systems
  • Dynamic filter and fan monitoring
  • Eight field-selectable pressure ranges
  • Field-selectable 0..10 V or 4..20 mA output with screw-terminal connections (3-wire)
  • Self-compensating piezoresistive pressure transducer maintains accuracy in any mounting orientation
  • Field-selectable normal or fast response time
  • 22 to 30 VAC/VDC supply voltage
  • In-service auto-zero eliminates scheduled maintenance
  • Optional 4-digit LED display
  • 1/2" NPT conduit connection
  • 1/4" hose connections
  • Duct probes and 6' tubing included

Supply Voltage 22..30 VAC/VDC
Output Signal0..10 V and 4..20 mA
Load (4-20mA output)20..500 Ω
Max. Current Draw< 60 mA without display
<150 mA with display
Pressure MediumAir and non-aggressive gases
Measurement MethodPiezoresistive pressure transducer
Linearity and Hysterisis≤ +/- 1% f.s.
Temperature:Operating: 32..122F (0..50C)
Storage: 14..158F (-10..70C)
Humidity0..95% rh, non-condensing
Long Term Stability (typ.) ≤ +/-0.5% up to +/- 2.5% f.s./yr; dep. on pressure range
Repeatability≤ +/- 0.2% f.s.
Position Dependency≤ +/- 0.02% f.s.
Response Time1 sec or 100 msec
Hose Pressure Connections1/4" hose fittings
Electrical Connections 16 AWG (1.5 mm 2 ) max.
Mounting4 sheet metal screws
Case MaterialABS
Case DimensionsAprox. 3.25" x 2.25" (85 x 58 mm)
WeightAprox. 0.3 lb. (130g)
ProtectionNEMA 3 (IP 54)
StandardsEN 60770, EN 61326, 2002/95/EWG (RoHS)

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Intec DBL Vacuum, pressure, and differential pressure Switch for Air and non-combustible, non-aggressive gases. Compact and easy to install. High accuracy. 1 SPDT output. 1/2" NPT conduit connection. PA 6.6 Housing. NEMA 3. IP54.



INTEC  984M-423704

Intec 948M Differential Pressure Transmitter for non-aggressive gases. -0.2 to 0.2" WC to 0 to 20" WC Range. 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA output. 24 VAC/VDC. Push-button zero calibration. 1/2" NPT conduit connection and 1/4" hose connections. Includes duct probes and 6' tubing. ABS Case. Optional 4-digit LED display. NEMA 3. IP54.


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