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Intec 5031MW 50VA Control Transformer. 120/208/240 to 24 VAC. Compact Size. Single Hub. 1 Connection Side. Full metal encased. Split bobbin construction. Supplied w/4"x4" plate. UL 1585, Class 2. UL Listed and CSA Certified.


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The 20.., 40.., 50.., 75.., 96.. and 150 VA series of step down transformers provide power to 24 VAC circuits.


The transformers are typically used in HVAC and lighting control systems, but can be used in any application that does not exceed the load ratings.

  • Hub and/or foot mounting
  • Compact size
  • UL 1585, Class 2, or UL 506
  • Split bobbin, high isolation, reduces line noise
  • Various types w/manual reset circuit breaker
  • Majority UL Listed

Rating50 VA
Voltage (Primary : Secondary)120/208/240 : 24 VAC (w/man. reset circuit breaker)
Connections HubSH
Connections (Primary : Secondary)Leads : Leads
Connections Sides2
TypeF, S, P
ListingsULL , CSA

SH = Single hub, threaded
DH = Double hub, threaded
Leads = 8" Lead wires, color coded
E = End bells, metal encased
A = End bells, plastic encased F = Full metal encased
O = Channel framed, open
S = Split bobbin construction
P = Supplied w/4"x4" plate, wire nuts and screws for plate or knockout mount


20-100 VA = UL 1585, Class 2
150 VA = UL 506, General purpose
ULL = UL Listed
ULR = UL Recognized
CSA = CSA Certified

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INTEC  40311OF-13

Intec 40311OF-13 40VA Control Transformer. 120/208/240 to 24 VAC. Compact Size. 2 Connection Sides. Plastic encased end bells. Split bobbin construction. UL 1585, Class 2. UL Recognized and CSA Certified.