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KOBOLD  DOR-42-2-F-N8-F0-00

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KOBOLD DOR-42-2-F-N8-F0-00
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KOBOLD DOR Insertion Paddle Wheel Flow Meter/Monitor for Low Viscous Liquids. 5.5 to 180 GPM to 25,000 to 800,000 GPM flow ranges. 1160 PSI Max. Pressure. Stainless Steel. IP68 (cable connection) or IP66/IP67 (others).

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Base Model
(1) Base Model for KOBOLD DOR
(2) Rotor/Shaft for KOBOLD DOR
Sealing Material
(3) Sealing Material for KOBOLD DOR
Mechanical Connection
(4) Mechanical Connection for KOBOLD DOR
Output / Electrical Connection
(5) Output / Electrical Connection for KOBOLD DOR
X0 Options cable length is 5' w/DOR-42, 3' w/DOR-52
(6) Electronic for KOBOLD DOR

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  • Flow range: 5.5 ... 180 gpm to 25,000 ... 800,000 gpm
  • Flow velocity range: 1.0 - 33 ft/s
  • p max : 1160 psi; t max : 392 F
  • Connection: 11⁄2" NPT, 2" NPT male, R 11⁄2, & R 2 male for pipe sizes: 11⁄2" - 100"
  • Linearity: 1.5% with well established flow profile
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Outputs: pulse, LCD display, batching, totalizing, 4 - 20mA, relays

The DOR series insertion paddle wheel fl ow sensor is a very cost effective instrument for accurately measuring the fl ow of water or water-like liquids in large pipes.

The sensor is inserted into the process piping via a thread-o- let or half nipple fi tting. Liquid fl ow through the pipe results in rotation of the affi xed paddle wheel. The rotational speed of the paddle is proportional to the fl ow velocity, and therefore, proportional to the fl owrate in the pipe.

The insertion type design provides a measuring technique that is much less expensive than full bore fl owmeters, especially in larger pipe sizes. Insertion paddle wheel sensors are a robust measuring technology that boasts exceptional tolerance to dirt and solids.

The DOR series features an all 316 L stainless steel body. The rotor is made of PVDF or PEEK, with a long-life graphite/ PTFE self-lubricating bearing. The DOR has an integral, precision insertion mechanism that allows the installer to insert the rotor to the precise depth in the pipe for optimal readings.

Outputs include NPN open collector frequency, and/or reed contact frequency or millivolt frequency. Optional indicators include battery powered totalizers, loop powered ratemeter/ totalizers with outputs and batch controllers.

The DOR-5 is suitable for "hot tap" installation. With its sym- metrical design, the DOR may also be used for bi-directional flow measurement.

  • HVAC: Hot and Chilled water, Fire system and thermal energy monitoring
  • Municipal: Water distribution, water management and water treatment
  • Irrigation: Water management
  • Water treatment: Chlorination, de-salination and mechanical fi ltration plants, chemical injection systems
  • Refi neries: Primary fl ow additive injection, fi re and cooling systems
  • Power generation: Boiler feed water, steam condensate, process water and water balancing
  • Chemical: Process & cooling tower water, chemical and water batching
  • Others: Cement Mfg, diesel fuel transferring, fl ow testing, fire truck and hydrant fl ow monitoring, food processing, pulp/paper, mining, memorial fountains

Technical Details
Velocity range (linear):1.0 ... 33 ft/s
Linearity:1.5% with well est. fl ow profi le
Repeatability:1% of f. s. at factory conditions and optimal straight runs
Max pressure:1160 psi
Temperature range:-4 ... + 212 F standard, see max. allowable media temperature table for other options and restrictions
Body:316L stainless steel
Rotor:PVDF or PEEK (depending on model)
Rotor shaft:316L stainless steel
Seals:FKM (standard): +5 ... +392 F
EPR (ethylene propylene rubber): -4 ... +248 F
PTFE encapsulated FKM: -4 ... +392 F
NBR (Nitrile): -85 ... +257 F
Max. frequency:220 ... 240 Hz (hall effect and voltage output), 73 ... 80 Hz (reed switch output)
Supply voltage:see electronics comparison table
Electronic features:see electronics comparison table
Wiring (standard):5 wire, screened cable, length 10 feet
Transmission distance:3000 feet maximum, without integrated electronics
Cable entry (terminal box):M20x1.5, 1/2" NPT via adapter (optional)
Protection Class:IP68 (cable connection), IP66/67 (all other electrical connections)
Straight piping requirement:Minimum: 10xd (upstream), 5xd (downstream)
Optimal: 25xd (upstream), 10xd (downstream)
Weight:(approx., without electronics): 3.6 lb (DOR-4), 5.5 lb (DOR-5)

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