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Process Control Instrumentation, Field Devices and Industrial Automation
PRODUCTS & SERVICES is a provider of process control and field instruments for Oil & Gas, Industrial Machinery, Pipelines, Custody Transfer, Tank Gauging, Waste Processing, Water Treatment Plants, Burner Management Systems and Incinerators, Conveyor Control, Food & Beverage, Motor, Pump & Compressor Control, Wireless Telemetry, Data Logging, Real-Time Process Data to Web.

Our Broad spectrum of products, 20+ years of experience with industrial automation, process control and hands-on approach ensure the success of Your project

At ControlSystemsUSA, you deal with the people who have actual and extensive experience in the use of process control instrumentation.

We are authorized resellers of instruments such as

  • Radio Modems
  • Flow Transmitters, Indicators, Sensors and Switches.
  • Pressure Switches, Indicators and Transmitters.
  • Level Switches, Indicators and Transmitters.
  • Temperature Elements, Switches and Transmitters.
  • Electric Power Measurement Devices.
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KOBOLD DPE Turbine Wheel Flow Meter for measurement of liquid flows in pipes up to 3 inches in diameter. 1.5-8 GPM to 15-200 GPM flow ranges. Bronze or stainless steel bodies. Frequency or 4-20 mA output. 580 PSIG max. pressure. SPDT 5 amps relays. NEMA 4X

Part# with Options:        DPE-1150N4
Price with Options:        424.00


(1) Material for KOBOL DPE
GPM Range
(2) GPM Range for KOBOL DPE
Output Options
(3) Output Options for KOBOL DPE
(4) Micro-DC plug with 6 ft. Cable for KOBOLD DRB & DPE

Availability 6 Weeks  ]

  • Flow range 1.5-8 GPM to 15-200 GPM
  • Bronze or stainless steel bodies
  • Frequency or 4-20 mA output
  • Electronic displays and controllers
  • Max. pressure 580 PSIG

The DRB and DPE series turbine wheel flowmeters are an economical yet very reliable solution for measuring liquid flows in pipes up to 3 inches in diameter. The unique “insertion” impeller design protrudes minimally into the flow stream which minimizes head loss and allows measurement of dirty liquids, and liquids with high solid content, without risk of failure. The DRB and DPE series feature a PVDF impeller supported on a sapphire bearing system which provides an exceptionally long life and excellent chemical resistance properties. The DRB and DPE series are available with either bronze or stainless steel threaded bodies.

A Hall effect sensor detects the passing of permanent magnets imbedded in the impeller blades. The output of the Hall sensor is converted to a linear pulse or 4-20 mA signal. Optionally, a variety of displays and controllers is available to provide flow rate indication, analog outputs and programmable setpoint switches. The DRB and DPE series’ combination of simple, reliable design and variety of body materials and electronics options makes them a sure solution for the toughest flow metering applications.

Accuracy:DRB Series ±3% of full scale
DPE Series: ±2.5% of full scale
Maximum PressureDRB Series: 250 PSIG
DPE Series: 580 PSIG
Operating Temperature:-10 to 176 ̊F
Body Material:Bronze or 316 stainless steel
Impeller Material:PVDF
Axle Material:316 stainless steel
Bearings Material:Sapphire
O-rings Material:NBR for bronze bodies, FKM for SS bodies
Piping Straight Run Requirement:20 X pipe diameter upstream
10 X pipe diameter downstream
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Output
Output Type:PNP open collector, 25 mA max.
Power Requirement:14-28 VDC
Electrical Protection:NEMA 4X
Electrical Connection:Micro-DC plug, 4-pin male
4-20 mA Output
Output Type:4-20 mA, 2-wire or 3-wire depending on model
Max. Loop Load:500 ohms
Power Requirement:24 VDC ±20%
Electrical Connection:Micro-DC plug, 4-pin male or DIN 4365 (Hirschmann) plug
Electrical Protection:NEMA 4X
Compact Electronics
Output Type:4-20 mA, 3-wire & PNP switch or 2 PNP switches
Switch Rating:300 mA Max. short circuit protected flow switch or frequency transmitter
Power Requirement:24 VDC ±20%
Display Type:3 digit LED
User Programmable Functions:Transmitter span, switch setpoint, lockout code
Housing:304 SS, NEMA 4X
Electrical Connection:Micro-DC plug, 5-pin male
Electronic Display/Controller
Output Type:4-20 mA, 4-wire and 2 adjustable setpoint relays
Relay Rating:SPDT 5 amps @ 230 VAC
Input Power:115 VAC
Display Type:3-1/2 digit LED and 270 ̊ bargraph
Enclosure:Epoxy coated aluminum and polycarbonate, NEMA 4X

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> METERS > WEATHERPROOF NEMA-4X IP65 :    4 Items found.
KSK-1015-G_-K10-00 (298) KOBOLD  KSK-1015-G-K10-00

KOBOLD KSK Plastic Flowmeter for Liquids and Gases. Operates on the basis of the variable-area principle. Trogamid-T or Polysulfone tubes. ±4% Accuracy. Shock and Corrosion Proof. 145 PSIG Max Pressure. Compact Design. NEMA 4X. IP65.



SV-5101 (300) KOBOLD  SV-5101

KOBOLD SV Float Type Flowmeter and Flow Switch. With cylindrical control tube and conical groove. GPM (water) or SCFM (air) calibrated. ±5% Accuracy. Lightweight and Compact Design. Nickel-Plated Brass or Stainless Steel Process Connections. 145 PSI Max. Pressure. NEMA 4X. IP65. cCSAus Approved.



VKM-6102 (304) KOBOLD  VKM-6102

KOBOLD VKM Viscosity Compensated Flow Meter for Viscous Liquids, Float with orifice, spring-loaded. GPM Scale (oil). ±5% Accuracy. Brass or Stainless Steel. 3600/5000 PSI Max. Pressure. NEMA 4X. IP65.



VKM-6102-C34P (305) KOBOLD  VKM-6102-C34P

KOBOLD VKM Viscosity Compensated Flow Meter for Viscous Liquids, Float with orifice, spring-loaded, with Compact Electronic Display. ±5% Accuracy. Brass or Stainless Steel. 3600/5000 PSI Max. Pressure. NEMA 4X. IP65.



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