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KOBOLD   PAS-G-EE-3-S-4-N-S-0-0

KOBOLD PAS Heavy Duty Pressure Transmitter with scalable pressure calibration and output signal. Customizable span from -14.7 to 21 PSIG to 0 to 8700 PSIG. Stainless Steel, Hast-C or Tantalum. 4-20mA output. Gauge or Absolute Pressure sensors. HART communication. IP 67. ATEX and FM approvals options.

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  • Span: -14.7 ... 21 PSIG up to 0...8700 PSIG
  • t max : 248 F
  • Process Connection: 1⁄2" NPT, 1⁄4" NPT, or Various Diaphragm Seals on Request
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel, HAST-C, or Tantalum
  • Output: 4 ... 20 mA
  • Sensor Input: Gauge or Absolute Pressure
  • Self-Diagnostic Function: Sensor, Memory A/D Converter, Power etc.
  • Digital Communication with HART Protocol

The KOBOLD Pressure Transmitter model PAS is a microprocessor based high performance transmitter, which has a scalable pressure calibration and output signal. It automatically compensates for ambient temperature and process variables. Communication with the instrument and configuration of various parameters is possible via HART protocol. All of the sensor's data is input, modified and stored via EEPROM.

Superior Performance
  • High reference accuracy: 0.075 % of calibrated span (optional: 0.04 % of calibrated span)
  • Long-term stability
  • High rangeability (100:1)
  • Data configuration with HART configurator
  • Measurement of gauge or absolute pressure
  • Continuous self-diagnostic function
  • Automatic ambient temperature compensation
  • EEPROM write protection
  • Fail-mode process function
Electronics module

The Electronics module consists of a circuit board sealed in an enclosure. There is an MCU module, an analog module, an LCD module, and a terminal module within the transmitter. The MCU module acquires the digital value from the ana- log module and applies correction coefficients selected from EEPROM. The output section of the MCU module converts the digital signal to a 4...20 mA output. The MCU module communicates with the HART -based configurator or con- trol system, such as DCS (Distrubuted Control System). The power section of the MCU module has a DC-to-DC power conversion circuit and an input/output isolation circuit. The LCD module plugs into the MCU module and displays the digital output in a user configured unit.

Sensor Inputs

The pressure transmitter model PAS is available as a piezo- resistive pressure transmitter which measures gauge pressure as well as absolute pressure. The sensor module converts the resistance into a digital value. The MCU module calculates the process pressure based on this digital value.

The sensor modules include the following features

  • 0.075 % accuracy
  • The software of the transmitter compensates thermal effects, improving performance.
  • Precise Input Compensation during operation is achieved with temperature and pressure correction coefficients that are characterized over the range of the transmitter and stored in the sensor module EEPROM memory.
  • EEPROM stores sensor information and correction coeficients separately from MCU module, allowing for easy repair, reconfiguration and replacement.

Basic Setups

The following settings can be easily configured from any host that supports the HART protocol:

  • Operational parameters
  • 4-20 mA points (zero points/span)
  • Engineering units
  • Damping time: 0.25...60 sec
  • Tag: 8 alphanumeric characters
  • Descriptor: 16 characters
  • Message: 32 characters
  • Date: day/month/year

Calibration and Adjustment

  • Lower/Upper range (zero/span)
  • Sensor zero trimming
  • Zero point adjustment
  • DAC output trimming
  • Transfer function
  • Self-compensation

Self-Diagnosis and others

  • CPU & Analog Module Fault Detection
  • Communication error
  • Fail-mode handling
  • LCD indication
  • Temperature measurement of sensor module

Process Connection Via Diaphragm Seals

For connecting the model PAS to different process connections, diverse diaphragm seal versions are necessary. They can be connected to the pressure transmitter directly or via a capillary tube. Depending on the application; different combinations of diaphragm seals, capillary tubes and fill fluids are possible. To clarify those possibilities, the special connections via diaphragm seals should be requested separately from the pressure transmitter.

Technical Data
Measuring Principle:Piezo-resistive sensor
Measuring Span:-14.7...21 PSIG up to 0...8700 (depending on instrument version)
Zero and span values can be set anywhere within the range limits.
Span must be greater than or equal to the minimum span.
Accuracy:0.075 % of calibrated span (better accuracy on request)
Process Temperature:-40 F...248 F (Approval codes may effect limits. Max. ambient temperature at LCD = 176F.)
Ambient Temperature:-22 F...176 F
Storage Temperature:-40 F...185 F (non-condensing)
Humidity Limit:5 %...98 % RH
Pressure Limits (with silicone oil)
(Valid for stand-alone intruments only without assembled diaphragm seals.)
Model G-14.5...43.5 PSIG (for range 3)
-14.5...435 PSIG (for range 4)
0...1552.5 PSIG (for range 5)
0...5800 PSIG (for range 6)
0...10875 PSIG (for range 7)
Model A0...72.5 PSIG (for range 4)
0...435 PSIG (for range 5)
0...754 PSIG (for range 6)
Wetted Materials
Isolating Diaphragms:1.4404 (316L st. st), Tantalum, HAST-C
Connection thread: 1.4401 (316 st. st.), HAST-C
Non-Wetted Materials
Fill Fluid:Silicone oil or inert fill
Electronics Housing:Aluminum, flameproof (Ex d) and waterproof (IP 67), 316 L st. st. (option)
Cover O-ring:NBR
Paint:Epoxy-polyester or polyurethane
Mounting Bracket:2-inch pipe, 1.4301 (304 st. st.), painted carbon steel with 1.4301 (304 st. st.), U-bolt
Nameplate:1.4301 (304 st. st.)
Process Connections: 11⁄2" NPT female (via adapter)
1⁄4" NPT female
Mounting Position:Upright
Display:5 Digit LCD
Power Supply: 12 ... 45 V DC -operation
17.5 ... 45 V DC -HART communcations
Maximum Load:250 Ω at 17.5 VDC
550 Ω at 24 VDC
Max. loop resistance = (U - 12 VDC ) / 0.022 A
Electrical Connection:1⁄2" NPT conduit with M4 screw terminals G 1⁄2 conduit with M4 screw terminals
Output:Two wire 4...20 mA, user-configurable for linear output, digital process value superimposed on 4...20 mA signal, available to any host that conforms to the HART protocol
Update Time: 0.12 seconds
Turn-On Time: 3 seconds
Protection:IP 67 for Standard (code S)
Weight:3.8 lbs (excluding options)
6.3 lbs (st. steel housing option)
Failure mode: fail high: current ≥ 21.1 mA
fail low: current ≤ 3.78 mA
EMC conformity standards:EMI (emission) - EN 50081-2:1993
EMS (immunity) - EN 50082-2:1995
ATEX approval (Option):II 2G Exd IIC T6...T4

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