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Process Control Instrumentation, Field Devices and Industrial Automation
PRODUCTS & SERVICES is a provider of process control and field instruments for Oil & Gas, Industrial Machinery, Pipelines, Custody Transfer, Tank Gauging, Waste Processing, Water Treatment Plants, Burner Management Systems and Incinerators, Conveyor Control, Food & Beverage, Motor, Pump & Compressor Control, Wireless Telemetry, Data Logging, Real-Time Process Data to Web.

Our Broad spectrum of products, 20+ years of experience with industrial automation, process control and hands-on approach ensure the success of Your project

At ControlSystemsUSA, you deal with the people who have actual and extensive experience in the use of process control instrumentation.

We are authorized resellers of instruments such as

  • Radio Modems
  • Flow Transmitters, Indicators, Sensors and Switches.
  • Pressure Switches, Indicators and Transmitters.
  • Level Switches, Indicators and Transmitters.
  • Temperature Elements, Switches and Transmitters.
  • Electric Power Measurement Devices.
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KOBOLD KAL-D Compact Thermal Flow Switch to monitor the flowrate of non-viscous water-based liquids. 24 VDC. 0.15 to 6.6 ft/seg switching range. 580 PSIG max pressure. 304SS Housing. IP65. Includes MicroDC 4 pin male plug.

Part# with Options:        KAL-D5408-N-ST3
Price with Options:        357.00


Fitting Type
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Switch Type
(2) Switch Type for KOBOLD KAL-D
(3) Micro-DC Connector for KOBOLD KAL-D

  Availability 7 Days  ]

  • No Moving Parts
  • Switching Range 0.15...6.6 Ft/Sec.
  • Max. Pressure 580 PSIG
  • Max. Operating Temperature 176 F
  • Clean-In-Place to 250 F

The KAL-D series combines the features of our legendary KAL-K thermal fl ow switch with a compact size. The KAL-D uses the calorimetric principle to monitor the fl owrate of non-viscous water-based liquids. The sensor tip is heated to a few degrees above the liquid temperature. As the liquid fl ows across the tip, it is cooled by the liquid. The amount of cooling is proportional to liquid velocity. The liquid velocity is compared to the setpoint which is fi eld-adjustable by the user. A transistor switch is activated when the fl ow setpoint is reached. The KAL-D series has a smooth measuring probe with no moving parts making it exceptionally reliable and insensitive to dirt and solids. The insertion type probe allows for fl ow monitoring with minimal system pressure loss.

Microprocessor-Based Temperature Compensation

The KAL-D series achieves superior compensation for changes in liquid temperature during the measuring cycle by use of a microcontroller. This method of temperature compensation allows for very precise correction of fl ow measurement when liquid temperature changes occur.

Operating Behavior
  1. At t=0, the probe temperature is recorded. This reading represents the ambient liquid temperature.
  2. Still at t=0, the KAL begins heating the probe.
  3. At t=0.8 seconds, the heating cycle ends and the KAL begins monitoring the probe temperature.
  4. At t=1.8 seconds, a temperature reading is taken and compared to the t=0.8 second temperature.The rate of cooling is calculated and compared to a Cooling Rate vs Flow Rate table specifi c to the ambient temperature recorded at t=0.
  5. The probe is allowed to cool until t=5.6 seconds. A temperature reading is taken and compared to the initial t=0 reading. If the temperatures are equal (or nearly so), the fl ow reading is determined valid and passes through to the KAL output. If the temperatures are not equal, the KAL waits another 5.6 sec, and Step 5
  6. repeats.

Applications:Non-viscous, water-based liquids
Switching Range: 0.15...6.6 Ft/Sec.
Repeatability: 2%
Response Time: 5.6...12 seconds typical
Switch Point Adjustment: Via potentiometer
Flashing LED indicates setpoint on 8 LED bargraph indicator
Switch Point Status Indicator: 1 dual color LED
Maximum Pressure: 580 PSIG
Operating Temperature Range: 250 F
Temperature: 250 F
Wetted Parts: 316L SS
Housing Material: 304 SS
Power Requirements: 24 V DC 10% at 150 mA Max.
Switch Type: NPN or PNP open collector, normally open or normally closed based on ordering code
Switch Rating: 400 mA Max. at 24 V DC, short circuit protected
Electrical Connection: Micro DC plug, 4-pin male
Electrical Protection: NEMA 4/IP65

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