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ControlSystemsUSA engineers and builds PLC-based control panels and Smart Motor Control Centers (MCC) for state-of-the-art industrial systems and factory automation. Panel/PLC system integration with Allen-Bradley and Siemens control devices in NEMA-12 or NEMA-4/4X enclosures to maximize your technology investment.


Siemens         Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley

We typically use Hoffman and Rittal NEMA-12 or NEMA-4/4X enclosures. After we have met with the end user for engineering and project documentation review (ours or yours), we generate and authorize the BOM bill of materials and place orders to manufacturers and dealers.

PLCs, communication interfaces, operator panels, industrial computers, variable speed drives VFDs, standard and smart (DeviceNet, Profibus, ASi, Ethernet) motor control devices, power supplies, instrumentation and analyzers, to be installed in a control panel are carefully inspected and tested. Data sheets, user's manuals, wiring diagrams, manufacturer's recommended practices and specs are carefully considered for a trouble free and seamless integration.

We use industry standard components, control devices, robust terminal blocks and wiring systems from Siemens and Allen-Bradley. We follow color, gauge, wiring and protection NEC standards. Stainless steel bolts and screws, labels from Brady are used in all of our control panels. Besides a PLC and other major control devices, we include a control transformer and power supplies with semiconductor grade over current protection, MCR master control relay, thermomagnetic circuit breaker protected branch circuits, emergency stop wiring and buttons; every digital output is fuse-protected, 3 terminals for each analog channel, many more details.

We specialize in Smart MCCs Motor Control Centers and Networked control panels (Data Highway DH, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Industrial Ethernet TCP/IP, AS-i, Profibus, etc.), including wireless RF and Satellite links.

ControlSystemsUSA provides wireless networking solutions with applications in SCADA, telemetry, telecommunications and online transaction markets.

Just to give you a cost estimate, a control panel like the one shown above, is assembled, wired and tested in approximately 50 hours, including front door buttons.

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PLC Control Panel Main Components
Enclosure & back panel Rated typically:
NEMA-12, NEMA-4/4X
IP-65, IP-67
  • Chassis (1 or more)
  • Power Supply (1 or more if redundant)
  • CPU (1 or more if redundant)
  • Special Communication Modules
  • Field Bus Communication Modules
  • Digital Input Modules
  • Digital Output Modules
  • Analog Input Modules
  • Analog Output Modules
  • Specialty Modules
  • Isolation Transformer & Fuses
  • 24 VDC Power Supply for local and remote devices and instruments
  • Main Distribution Circuit Breaker
  • Branch Power Circuit Breakers
  • Control Circuit Breakers & Fuses
Motor Control
  • Motor Circuit Breakers
  • Overload Relays
  • Smart Electronic Motor Protectors
  • Motor Starters w/Aux Contacts
  • Soft Start Devices
  • Variable Frequency Drives
Control Control Relays
  • Panel-Mount Touch Screen Operator panel or PC
  • Ethernet switch or router
  • Radio/Satellite Modem
Panel Accesories
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Fused Terminal Blocks
  • Ground Terminals
  • Group Markers
  • Terminal Markers (Tags)
  • DIN rail
  • Pilot Lights
  • Push Buttons
  • Emergency Shutdown Button
  • Selector Knobs
  • Wire Duct
  • Colored Cable
  • Network/Field Bus cable
  • Cabinet Lamps
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