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<< Photo Gallery >>               Success Stories: Hundreds of succesful projects in the US and Mexico
  • PLC HF robotic mitigation system and SCADA package for Reficar's refinery in Cartagena, Colombia (Dooley Tackaberry).
  • PLC Control & Safety system for state-of-the-art metal blast machines for ThyssenKrupp (Rosler).
  • PLC Process control systems, SCADA packages and CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System) integration for incinerator & scrubber packages built by NCE-Crawford. Continuous 500 lbs/hour solid waste feed, TeleService enabled.
  • Anti-Surge, Capacity and Load Sharing control system for 5 air compressors NHUMO.
  • Automated Conveyor Control for 8 Coca-Cola (Grupo Continental) bottling lines.
  • 30 CIP (clean-in-place) systems for Coca-Cola.
  • 5 Real Time Automated Product Identification and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for Coca-Cola.
  • Several PLC/SCADA systems and AutoCAD plant documentation packages for Shell.
  • Triple-Fuel Burner Management System BMS for steam boiler, NHUMO.
  • 4 Beverage Preparation and Carbonator packages for Coca-Cola.
  • 3 Advanced Syrup preparation packages for Coca-Cola.
  • 8 Syrup Room control systems (mixture-proof) for Coca-Cola.
  • 4 Waste Water control systems for Coca-Cola
  • 2 Process Water systems for Coca-Cola.
  • Several Waste Water systems.
  • PLC Fire & Gas SCADA package for Aramco (Dooley Tackaberry).
  • PLC Fire & Gas SCADA package for BASF (Dooley Tackaberry).
  • PLC HF robotic mitigation system and SCADA package for NCRA refinery (Dooley Tackaberry).
  • SCADA and custody transfer instrumentation package for Pemex.

ControlSystemsUSA provides PLC Control Applications for
Oil & Gas OEM Machinery Pipelines Custody Transfer
Tank Gauging Waste Processing Water Treatment Plants Burner Management Systems
(BMS) & Incinerators
Material Handling, Conveyors, Packing & Palletizing Food & Beverage Blending Motor, Pump & Compressor Control
Wireless Telemetry Data Logging Gas Detection Systems Real-Time Process Data to Web
PLC-CEMS Integration Clean-In-Place (CIP) Automated Product Identification Systems Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
Environmental Control, Monitoring & Compliance Plastics Lift Stations Electrical Distribution Systems
Pharmaceutical Bio-Technology Biofuel Plants Truck & Rail Car Loading

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